Kris Bogdanov

2019 goals

Nay to New Year's resolutions, yay to hard work

30 December 2018

2018 👋

I finished my placement year at ICWG. Developed some great Excel skills, which I am hoping to make into a product/service at some point in 2019.

After months of 5am web dev learning sessions, I got a summer internship as a software developer at Airbyte. I now work there part-time alongside my final year at uni.

I ran a marathon 🏃, even though my goal was to just run a half.

Always exceed your goals, right?

The downside of New Year's resolutions and yearly goals

Having goals is great and all, but the thing is that one year is a very long length of time.

Your knowledge will develop, your dreams will evolve, your environment will change. Therefore, most likely your goals will change as well.

Focus on daily success, so you can achieve your weekly goals, so you can achieve your monthly goals.

Do that and it won't matter if your long-term goals stay the same, evolve or completely get discarded - you will still be in a good place to tackle new challenges.

TL;DR 2019

This year will be about

  • becoming really good at coding
  • making products
  • doing more weights and cardio than I thought possible

Grind on a daily basis and put the work in consistently and 2019 will be x10 bigger than what you currently predict.

Run 100km in a day

In 2018, I ran a marathon. In 2019, I will run 100km across a trail in Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria.

Training already started.

23.06.19, Vitosha 100 - watch this space.

Earn £100 from personal projects

We all need to start from somewhere - 2019 will be my start.

I want to prove to myself that I can earn cash from personal projects!

But first, I need to make them - so better start shipping. 🛳️

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