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16 July 2019

Rails Junior

A short announcement that I'm launching

Rails Junior is a blog that covers cool problems that I encounter in my job, as well as any development work from my side projects and freelancing.

Even though it's called Rails Junior, I will cover Javascript, CSS and Git problems and tricks that are worth mentioning.

In addition, there will be theory questions, which deepen my knowledge in Ruby as a language. This will hopefully help other people to prepare for technical interviews.

Why I'm creating this blog

Solidify my skills: whenever I need to do something new, I do all the research and then I implement it. I might encounter the same problem months later and likely, I will need to do the same research all over again.

Spending several hours writing for this certain problem will help me deepen my knowledge about the particular problem. When I encounter it again, I can just check out my article that I wrote about it.

Salary reviews: this blog is a list of some of the things that I have learnt over the last couple of months. It also illustrates that I have a passion to learn and get better.

From talking to my manager, I learnt that one of the things that I should do in order to get a salary raise is to become a better developer (well, that's obvious). Being better at your jobs transitions to having more impact within my team and the company as a whole.

Employability: I believe that Rails Junior will make me more employable in addition to everything else that I'm doing.

Technical managers love stuff that show passion outside of your regular work - side projects and blogs for example.

Continue building my personal brand: by focusing on SEO and writing articles, I will get a steady audience growth.

Steady growth is all I want for Rails Junior. A developer has a certain problem - they google it and they land on my article, which gives them the answer they were looking for.

Furthermore, I will include a newsletter option at the bottom of the articles, which eventually will help me build a community of passionate full-stack developers.

Upcoming articles

Fresh ideas are popping up very often, but you can expect some the following articles over the next couple of weeks.

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