Kris Bogdanov

Hello, 👋 my name is Kris. I'm a self-taught developer who is now working remotely.

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I love building things, especially websites. My current stack is Ruby on Rails, TailwindCSS and a bunch of Javascript.


Besides making websites, I also strive to turn them into successful businesses.


My girlfriend and I travel the world, while working full-time. You can find plenty of photos of my laptop on Instagram.


I write about travel, development and everything else.

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Learning how to learn

Learning about mastery-based learning, techniques and a bit of science that help me to learn better and stay productive

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An opinionated template to boost your bootstrapping productivity

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Recent travels

London, UK

I lived in London for 2 months so you don't have to - it cost us £5,798

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Canggu, Bali

57 days in Canggu cost us £4,711

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